17/2/09 : Loop pedals are ace

It's my next solo gig on Monday and it's acoustic, so I've go to work out how to play my songs without the drums machines and so on... but I can't resist just a few pedals...

06/2/09 : Spending money on new things

It's all about physical possessions... well, it's all about trying to own every type of instrument that exists anyway... recently I bought myself a Xylophone (I think it came from a school as it had 'Xylophone' written on the side on a laminated label!) and for Christmas I got a new mellodica, a stylophone and an e-bow (which I've always had my eye on since I started playing guitar all those years ago) and then yesterday my new microphone arrived an SE2200A. Very nice. It even comes with it's own special silver carry case, mmmmmm.... This will of course make everything I record an extra 50% better. At the moment it's just demos being recorded, so we can learn the new songs with my new band (which is going well by the way), but I'll get down to some proper recording soon so you can hear the new material in all it's folky glory.

30/1/09 : Archive Fanfarlo accordion madness

A while ago in Fanfarlo we recorded an acoustic set in Simon's living room in Camden for PSL, a Swedish TV company - they've just released a couple of the songs onto the Internet so I thought I'd post one up here so you can see my accordion playing debut... slightly out of tune, but that's vintage accordions for you! Anyway here's the video...

19/1/09 : Good gig

My Notting Hill Arts Club gig went well. Kelman and The Tamborines were great guys too. Thanks if you came down. I played three new songs as well as two older ones and a cover of bravecaptain's 'Good Life'. One new song included my debut concertina performance onstage, which almost went wrong when something got caught on the side of it meaning it almost wouldn't play. (photos: Ellie Atkins and Underexposed):

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