My acting career so far has been brief... but it does mean I get to have my own imdb page :-)

'Recognize Myself' by Emie/Happy Endings Productions

In April 2006 I got the chance to play the lead in a short film 'Recognize Myself' by writer and director Emie. I was very pleased and excited to get the part, a properly demanding and involved role playing a self destructive, drug addicted character 'Justin', recalling his memories of how his relationship with his girlfriend (played by Jessica Randell) has fallen apart. Filming took place mostly on location in North London over five days, using a proper film camera with a full crew. It was an incredible experience and the film has now gone on to be shown in a number of film festivals.

>> Happy Endings Productions.

Photo: Luis Eduardo Carreola Premiere invitation, The Gate Cinema, Notting Hill Photo: Luis Eduardo Carreola Film still

'Red & Cyan' by Ror Motion

In 2009 I played 'Ross' in the short film 'Red & Cyan' written and directed by Jon Cowen, which he also created as a pair of graphic novels. The film was later adapted into a music video for 'The Tower' by The Lost Cavalry.

Booked Out

I have worked as an extra in music videos and in the feature film 'Booked Out', for which I also recorded the soundtrack.

Fanfarlo music videos

For the 'Fire Escape' Fanfarlo single, Nell and Rhiannon made a full live-action video where we all got to dance around and pretend to play each others instruments (sadly no longer on youtube). While we were filming it, Amos and I recorded the 'behind the scenes' footage and along with the video we'd recorded while in the studio this went towards the 'Making Of' film I later edited together. Then for the 'Harold T Wilkins' single we took a trip to MTV studios in Camden to act as test subjects in some paranormal experiments...

Amateur Dramatics

My first acting role was as an ant when I was about 5. I also once had a role in a school play as a tree. So - I didn't get of to a great start really. Apart from nativity plays at school, the first real play I was in was called 'The Recycling Of Oscar' where I played 'George', the hero of this rhyming and cleverly written play, by one of my teachers. After that, I didn't do anything remotely like acting until...

In 2004 I joined The Beaufort Players drama group, based in Ealing, London. At first I helped out backstage for the pantomime 'Arabian Knights', before taking a lead role in the next production 'And Then There Were None' by Agatha Christie. I played Captain Lombard in this brilliant 3-act murder mystery. The action takes place on a remote island, where ten guests are called together by a mysterious host, only to be killed one at a time in various ways... The play was a huge success and very good fun to be a part of.

Photo: Shane Nolan

My second stage performance with the group was a 'Drone' in Alan Robinson's fantastically funny short play 'Quite A Buzz'. This was it's first ever performance, and we originally staged it as part of a comedy night at the Beaufort Player's hall in Ealing. Since then we have performed it many more times all over the South East of England as part of the All England Theatre Group annual competition. We were very pleased to get as far as the semi-final in St Albarns.

In spring 2006 I took part in another main presentation by the Beaufort Players - 'Outside Edge' by Richard Harris. This cricket-based play called for me to bring out my nastier side as the terrible, big-headed lawyer 'Alex'. This was another fantastic play to be part of and it was a shame when it was all over.


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