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I've been playing music all my life and am currently the singer in the band The Lost Cavalry and keyboard player in Simon Love And The Old Romantics. Until 2010 I was the guitarist in the band Fanfarlo, and prior to that I was the drummer in cult London lo-fi band Wolfie.

I've been involved in loads of other bands over the years, including my university band Amber, along with solo projects in various guises. A self-indulgent history of my musical life can be found here... if you really want to know!

Listen below to the music I have made with The Lost Cavalry, Simon Love, Fanfarlo, Knickers, Wolfie, Amber, Meissner, Derek Yau and solo as Mixedcases.

The Lost Cavalry : Sunlight Shapes The Day (2023)

Our third album follows a day from morning through to midnight. It's a journey from uplifting summer's sunrise, to lazy afternoons, reflective evenings... and then quietly off to sleep.

The album via Bandcamp

Simon Love : Love, Sex And Death Etc. (2022/Tapete)

The third Simon Love album, on which I play piano, organs, rhodes and backing vocals, released by Tapete on Vinyl/CD/Digital and receiving pretty great reviews everywhere and a lot of good radio play!

The album via Tapete Records

Meissner : Part Two : Warm Music For Winter (2022/Two Six Heave)

A new collaboration album by me, Nick Goold, John Green and various friends including Ambre Arken on track two vocals. Please listen to this album all the way through, in order - and in headphones late at night.


Meissner : Part One : The Time And The Place (2021/Two Six Heave)

Started in 2001, added to gradually over 20 years and finally completed in 2021, this is an unplanned and undirected collaboration album by Mark West, Nick Goold and John Green along with various friends.


Mixedcases : Lost In The 8-Track (2020/Two Six Heave)

A solo album of alternative electronic music recorded using the Fostex DMT-8vl digital 8-track recorder (before computers!) between 2000-2005 and finally released in 2020.


The Lost Cavalry : Storms (2019/Two Six Heave)

The second Lost Cavalry album, and the album I am most proud of. Vocals, production and mastering by me.

The Lost Cavalry : Storms

Simon Love : Sincerely S Love X (2018/Tapete)

The second Simon Love album - mixed and produced by me and featuring my keyboard playing

The album via Tapete Records

Simon Love : It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (2015/Fortuna POP!)

The debut Simon Love album - mixed and co-produced by me and featuring my keyboard playing

Simon Love

The Lost Cavalry : Three Cheers For The Undertaker (2013/Folkroom Records)

The debut Lost Cavalry album - an album of folk songs, each it's own story. "This is indie folk at its finest... Uplifting, joyous and rather wonderful." Shout 4 Music

Three Cheers For The Undertaker

Knickers : My Baby's Just A Baby (2012/Elefant)

An EP and singles - garage rock 'n' roll with sixties-styled melodies, psychedelic pop and a French twist - and my keyboard debut.

And check out the music video!

Mark West and Derek Yau : Booked Out OST (2012/BON Productions)

A thirteen track original motion picture score for the indie film Booked Out.

Original Sound Track

Fanfarlo : Reservoir (2010/Atlantic)

Our album, recorded shortly before I left the band, featuring me on guitar and various other instruments. Recorded in November 2008 by Peter Katis and released in 2010 by Atlantic. An album that I am very proud to have been a part of.


Wolfie : Wolfie (2007)

My band in which I played drums - we're now in indefinite hibernation, but I enjoyed my time in Wolfie, and all our gigs around London and the UK a lot!


Mixedcases : 2006 (2006)

My 2006 New Years Resolution was to write and record a new song every month - here is the result... an album of electronic-tinged singles each reflecting my feelings and the events of an interesting year for me.

Mixedcases on Bandcamp

Amber : What You Make It (2000)

My Warwick University based indie band from 1998-2001. We played loads of gigs round the uni area and won some 'best band' awards. The songs are influenced by the bands we liked such as Radiohead, Mogwai, Longpigs, REM, Six By Seven, Idlewild, The Boo Radleys...

The original Amber website

Mixedcases : Spaces (2000)

My first solo album, containing a mixture of styles and ideas. This album was a real learning process for me and contains the first song I ever recorded properly along with the first song I ever wrote, plus loads of raw ideas as I tried out new styles and techniques.

Mixedcases on Bandcamp


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