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Other web sites created by Mark West

www.thelostcavalry.com www.thelostcavalry.com

Band web site for my band The Lost Cavalry featuring my hand-drawn artwork and news, photos and gig information about the band.
http://www.themeyerdancers.com www.themeyerdancers.com

The Meyer Dancers web site - a London based Contemporary Dance company specialising in Dance Film and collaborations with musicians, artists and filmakers and most importantly the general public, to create a unique dance company for the future.
www.wonderlandfestival.co.uk www.wonderlandfestival.co.uk

Wonderland is a not-for-profit organisation specialising in party and event organisation - started and run by my friends and I. We throw parties, run tents at festivals and organise our own small festival every year, with all profit going to charity.
www.ellieatkins.co.uk www.ellieatkins.co.uk

A web site created by me for London band photogtapher Ellie Atkins. The web site pages are automatically generated form the folders of photos placed on the web site, with galleries and thumbnails for the various club nights and bands that Ellie has photographed.

www.n1gc.co.uk www.n1gc.co.uk

A site created by myself and Toby Atkins for the North One Garden Centre in Hackney. Toby designed the site and layout and I provided the technical side of things. The site is designed to be easily maintained by the staff at the garden centre, and to act as an online brochure and promotional tool. Note: The original site is no longer active: copy here is hosted at mixedcasesspaces for reference.
www.Uberstompf.co.uk www.uberstompf.co.uk

My site for the London club night 'Uberstompf', featuring a purpose made arcade machine that you can actually play. The site is coded mostly in javascript with some php. The main areas of the site have recently been updated with new dinosaur artwork by Simon Aurell.

www.wolfie.ukme.com www.wolfie.ukme.com

Site for my band 'Wolfie', with mp3's, photos and info. The site is also an interactive chat room/message board with each visitor represented as a little person. You can move your person around the field and click on the objects there to navigate the site. You will also be able to see anyone who is looking at the web site at the same time as you, walking around the field! The site is coded mostly in php and is based on my old 'fuzzyland' site.

My house My Online House

This is my 'online house' site, one of the first sections of my web site, built way back when I was just starting out with html. I used Dreamweaver for this site (I now code the html directly by hand) and it still seems to be very popular, so take a look if you wish! There's some pictures and a treasure hunt and some (increasingly out of date!) information about me.

www.dynamitekids.org.uk www.dynamitekids.org.uk

A web site built by myself and Tim Annan while working for Computer Associates. The Dynamite Kids charity aims to help children with cerebral palsy get the most out their time at mainstream primary school, using the principles of Conductive Education.

www.theconsumers.co.uk www.theconsumers.co.uk

Another band web site built by me in the style of a well-known office software product... featuring some mp3's and live dates with a healthy dose of style-over-content ;-) Note: The original URL is no longer active: copy here is hosted at mixedcasesspaces for reference.

D'Silva web site D'Silva web site

Band site made originally for the band 'D'Silva'. I played guitar in the band during 2004/2005. I kept the band site simple and smart with easy access to live info etc. There is also a mailing list function built using php.

MMS mini site Michael Marshall Smith mini-site

I created this mini-site to give fans of the author Michael Marshall Smith access to some of his rarer short stories (with permission from Michael) and the interviews I had collected over the past years. I also included a section regarding collecting his books, with photos of my own collection.

Smaller sites and games


Lemmings Doodle Pad Java Applet - very easy to waste a lot of time playing with this! One of my first attempts at a java applet. You can use the mouse to draw or erase lines on the screen, and the lemmings walk around the little land that you build for them.
Bouncing Balls

Some multicoloured bouncing balls - throw them around the screen with the mouse. These were reused in the Dynamite Kids web site title bar (see above).
Eden (unfinished)

A new javascript version of my Uni 3rd year, project modelling the surface of a planet with evolving animals. The original project used the in-house languages of Eden, Donald and Scout to model the planet and animals, this is a start at a javascript web version.

This is the original Fuzzyland - an interactive chat board set in a sunny field in Fuzzyland. This site formed the basis of the Wolfie web site (see above).

Basketball hoop shooting javascript game. Some of this code has since been reused in many of my sites, here however it only works in IE I'm afraid.

A Javascript program I once made while at a work training course, showing USA airports (kind of!). A lot of my javascript skills were learned while making this.
Block Drop

Another Java applet, featuring mesmerising coloured blocks falling from the sky for no reason. This was the start of a platform game idea that I once made on my Spectrum +3 in BASIC.
Gregs Maze game

My first web site game... simple html roll-over images, but worth a quick look. I had fun drawing the annimations especially...
Html Tree tool

A little application I made to generate the html code to represent a file browser-style tree.
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