4/1/09 : Plans for 2009

It's 2009 and I have a lot planned for this year, it's going to be a lot of work but I'm excited and ready for it. Step one is to form a new band, already underway... Step two will be to put together a great set of songs... also well underway!

21/12/08 : Fanfarlo: Goodnight...

I never really knew what bands meant when they said 'musical differences' but I do now - it's differences of taste that you only notice when you work really closely together. Not even causing arguments really, just an underlying feeling, like if you're going out with someone and it's good but somehow not -great-... and you realise it's the right thing to move on.

The last two years with Fanfarlo have been amazing and I'm incredibly, incredibly proud of the album we've made together. I think it's going to do really well. I'm moving on though, and I'm going to keep on writing music - my head is bursting with ideas at the moment! Stay in touch with me here! 2009 is going to be a busy year for me...

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